Q: What was your inspiration to start developing your own line of designer perfumes?

A: I've always had a passion for perfumes since I was a young teenager. I was obsessed with having the latest and greatest cologne and I remember the excitement when I smelled a new fragrance in the department store that I really liked and making that purchase. You can never have too many perfumes and I do enjoy buying and using them as much as I enjoy collecting them and displaying them. I think a beautiful perfume is like a beautiful piece of art that should be appreciated as such and yes, even collected. I knew when I started this brand, instinctively that it would be a true luxury brand and as a result it was imperative I include my own line of designer fragrances. As a result of this I started doing much research early on into the subject and finally took a course in it to expand my foundation. I knew what I wanted my fragrances to smell like, I just didn't have the tools to make them until finally one day I did! And I never looked back at the decision to do it! 

 Q: Why do all your perfumes smell sooo good! What’s your secret...?

A: I mix in ten drops of holy water for luck and then add in a teaspoon of LSD!... JK... JK... or am I?

But seriously, I attribute a key part of my success to having a good nose for scents all my life to guide me in the right direction I think this was helpful to begin with, also having a good foundation on how to construct a perfume, the science behind the art, having wonderful, kind, constructive teachers, that helped and guided me through learning the material: the science and the art of perfumery, good materials to work with and finally but certainly not least! Alot of practice, trial and error, practice, over and over and over and learning from any mistakes, alot of note keeping, getting to understand the materials and how they blend and interact with one another, what works and what doesn’t work, which came about from experience working with the raw materials and learning their characteristics alone and when combined together. Being patient and making minute tweaks to the formulas to bring about certain tonalities. It’s almost like composing music, once you learn to play the instrument, then comes the fun part!

Q: What was your inspiration for starting this company?

A: It all started in the gym of all places...

I've always loved to work out. So much so people thought I was obsessed! And yes I would definitely agree, I was obsessed! But I was also obsessed with looking good! I bought designer jeans, designer shirts, designer shoes, colognes, but when it came to workout apparel I always found it frustrating to find really cool designer workout apparel that I wanted to wear. I always found myself buying something and then trying to get it tailored or modifying it myself with a sewing machine. This went on for years and years until several years ago an idea or inspiration came about... Why not start my own luxury line of workout clothing and active wear! If can't ever find what I'm looking for, then I MUST create it! That was the initial spark for the company I had several years back, but I never acted on it because I didn't even know where to start! It wasn't until the idea resurfaced again a few years back that I finally just said to myself: I don't want to keep working for others my whole life and I want to start a business of my own that I'm passionate about building. So I took the leap of faith and decided to open up this company as a luxury lifestyle clothing brand focused around high-end luxury workout and active wear apparel. Really trendy, really comfortable! And the rest is history!  


Q: Are you planning to add handbags to your collection?

A: Yes! I love handbags! I plan on adding my own unique line of designer handbags in the upcoming years as I continue to grow the brand. And I can’t wait to start designing them!


Q: What goal do you aspire to achieve with this brand? 

A: I hope it becomes a symbol of unification, goodness, peace and advancement for mankind. Don't get me wrong, this brand is intended from the start to be a clothing and lifestyle brand... but who says it can't symbolize something greater! I believe a united world, working efficiently towards a common goal is infinitely more powerful and can accomplish anything and everything! As the saying goes: The clothes make the man (and woman!!) so why not make the clothes that make the men and women who make this world better! 


Q: Who inspires you?

A: Kind people, good hearted people, brilliant people, brilliant minds, with great insight. But the people who inspire me the most are brilliant minds with kind hearts. This is a rare breed of people that must be treated with the highest most utmost respect! It only takes just ONE brilliant mind with a good heart to lead a workforce of billions in the right direction, accomplishing wonders!


Q: What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting an apparel or lifestyle company?

A: Don’t do it! Just kidding... but the truth is if you have enough passion for in life for anything  nothing in the world is going to keep you from doing it! Sure it takes money, yes it takes time, but none of this matters if you don’t have the fire that will be the driving force behind your success. My advice to anyone thinking about doing it is to consider your life now if you never take the steps towards this goal... would you still be happy in your daily life? If your happy, why change? But if the answer is different... then you’re ready for change. You’re ready fo take the next steps, however small, I recommend you take them! 


Q: Is there anything you have always dreamed of designing in the far or near future?

A: Yes! At the moment I must say I do have my hands full developing my product line for the upcoming years, but I will say aside from shoes, which I am already planning to launch in several years time, my ultimate dream would definitely have to be designing a really really really nice wedding dress! I’ve always admired the fine design, detail and craftsmanship of a fine modern wedding dress. Although I can’t say now for certain if I will start designing wedding dresses... It’s more of a fun dream at the moment but perhaps one day I will get an opportunity to design and create something truly awe inspiringly sexy, beautiful and uniquely “Mint & Vault”!