Q: What was your inspiration to start developing your own line of designer perfumes?

A: Perfumes have been my passion since youth; the thrill of smelling a new fragrance and making a purchase is unmatched. Collecting and displaying perfumes is my pleasure, and I believe they are works of art that should be cherished. My brand had to include designer fragrances, so I researched and took a course to develop my own scents. When I finally had the tools, there was no turning back.

 Q: Why do all your perfumes smell sooo good! What’s your secret...?

A: Ten drops of holy water for luck, and just maybe a hint of LSD... Or maybe not? JK!

But seriously, my success stems from a natural affinity for scents, a strong foundation in perfume-making, supportive mentors, quality materials, and lots of practice, experimentation, and note-taking. Like composing music, learning to create scents is a fun journey.

Q: What was your inspiration for starting this company?

A: It all started in the gym of all places...

My love for fitness led to frustration with the lack of stylish workout gear. So, I decided to create my own luxury line of high-end, comfortable workout clothes. It took years for the idea to take hold, but I finally took the leap of faith and started a business that I'm passionate about. I want my brand to be known for its trendy and comfortable designs.


Q: Are you planning to add handbags to your collection?

A: Yes! I love handbags! I plan on adding my own unique line of designer handbags in the upcoming years as I continue to grow the brand. And I can’t wait to start designing them!


Q: What goal do you aspire to achieve with this brand? 

A: Let this brand unite, inspire and advance mankind. Clothes make the man (and woman!), so why not make them symbolize something greater? A united world can accomplish anything!


Q: Who inspires you?

A: The most inspiring people are those with brilliant minds and kind hearts - a rare breed deserving utmost respect. One such individual can lead billions towards accomplishing wonders!


Q: What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting an apparel or lifestyle company?

A: Don’t do it! Just kidding... but the truth is if you have enough passion in life for anything, nothing in the world is going to keep you from doing it! Sure it takes money, yes it takes time, I but none of this matters if you don’t have the fire that will be the driving force behind your success. My advice to anyone thinking about doing it is to consider your life now if you never take the steps towards this goal... would you still be happy in your daily life? If your happy, why change? But if the answer is different... then you’re ready for change. You’re ready to take the next steps, however small, I recommend you take them! 


Q: Is there anything you have always dreamed of designing in the far or near future?

A: Absolutely! Currently, my plate is full as I am fully engrossed in developing my product line for the upcoming years. However, I must share with you my ultimate aspiration that is destined to ignite your senses! Can you guess? It is none other than designing an absolutely breathtaking wedding dress, one that will take your breath away! I have always been enamored by the intricate designs, the exquisite details, and the masterful artistry that goes into a modern wedding dress. While I cannot guarantee that I will dive into the world of designing wedding dresses just yet, it is undeniably a thrilling dream that I would love to pursue someday. Just envision it - a wedding dress that is spellbinding, captivating, and unmistakably "Mint & Vault." Who knows what the future holds? But one thing is for sure - I will seize every opportunity to create something that is truly awe-inspiring, sensual, and unforgettable!