Get ready to meet the ultimate powerhouse - a perfectionist, an engineer mind, a fashion enthusiast, a fitness fanatic - all rolled into one incredible human being! This creative force is a true visionary, with a degree in Engineering and a heart full of innovation and passion. From art to music, nature to luxury living, this designer has a deep love for all things bold and beautiful. With an unbridled enthusiasm for pushing boundaries and exploring new concepts, get ready to witness the birth of groundbreaking designs and ideas that will change the world as we know it!


The magic of product development lies in the initial spark of inspiration that ignites within my mind. From there, a world of possibilities unfolds before me, and I eagerly embark on a journey of creation, innovation, and evolution. Sometimes, chance and serendipity play a role, leading me to unexpected discoveries that transform my designs into true works of art. But more often than not, the seed of the idea is already planted in my mind, waiting to be nurtured and refined until it blossoms into a stunning prototype that embodies Mint & Vault's unwavering standards of quality, design, functionality, and comfort. And when that moment arrives, when my creation finally comes to life in all its glory, there's nothing more exhilarating and inspiring than knowing that I've brought something truly remarkable into the world.


Our team pours countless hours into crafting and perfecting fabrics, brainstorming ideas, and daring to explore innovative concepts for everything from a simple tank top trim to a stunning perfume to a chic handbag design. Our product development process is rigorous and exhaustive, as we meticulously test and refine each design to ensure the ultimate combination of style and comfort. We are passionate about creating wearable masterpieces that not only meet but exceed expectations in form, function, and fashion. Join us in our quest to bring the world the very best in wearable art!


We proudly bring you the most comfortable, highest luxury and highest quality activewear ever conceived.



Mint & Vault