A perfectionist, an engineer a fashionista, an avid gym goer and fitness fanatic all folded neatly into one. The creator and designer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, an innovator and futurist at heart with a deep devotion for art, music, nature, luxury lifestyle living, and a passion for bold and innovative new designs and concepts. 


Product development begins with a flash of inspiration that forms in my mind and usually develops and evolves organically as I create the final design. Sometimes things develop by chance or accidental discovery and become works of art, often times the initial concept or flash of inspiration was already formed in my mind, all I needed to do was conceptualize it and polish it before it becomes ready for protyping. After designs are finalized and meet Mint & Vault high standards of quality, design, functionality and comfort it is taken to production.  


Thousands of R&D hours are spent in house, designing, researching, prototyping and testing fabrics, ideas, and bold new concepts for everything from a trim piece on a tank top to a perfume to a handbag design. Our product development cycles include vigorous testing of each design to ensure the highest quality of comfort and style. We are in the business of creating wearable art that meets form, comfort, function and fashion and does it well.  


We proudly bring you the most comfortable, highest luxury and highest quality activewear ever conceived.



Mint & Vault