Product Packaging 

Mint & Vault authenticates all it's products by sealing each one by hand using a wax seal of authentication on the outer packaging. Before you open your product make sure this wax seal is present on the outside of the packaging and is not broken. Once the seal is broken or missing it can no longer be returned to us, however you can still authenticate your product by following the authentication steps below for each type of code.    


Example of Authentication Seal

Official Mint & Wax Seals shown below can come in different colors or sizes but must always match this design. 



CERTILOGO Authentication 


Mint & Vault utilizes Certilogo - the world's renowned and leading luxury brand authentication system - which guarantees the purchaser will always receive an authentic Mint & Vault product. If your purchase carries a 12-digit Certilogo Code - or CLG Code please follow the instructions provided on the Certilogo website to register with the service and answer a few basic questions. Authentication is quick and you will know within a few seconds if your product is indeed a genuine and certified Mint & Vault product.  

Example of a Certilogo Code: CLG 000 000 000 000.       


If your product comes with a black authenticity card "Certificato di autenticita" made of plastic it will carry a Certilogo security hologram sticker on the back with a code starting with "CLG" and QR code.

Examples of Plastic Authenticity Card With Certilogo Code 



Official Certilogo tamper-proof holographic seal with authentication code located on the back of the card (shown below).  


To check you authenticity now click here. You will be redirected to the Certilogo authentication System. Thank you for choosing Mint & Vault.


ART Number Authentication 

All of our products sold and designed by Mint & Vault come with a white "CERTIFICATE of Authenticity" made from paper with an authenticity seal pressed into it. These certificates identify the product as as our own genuine artwork and include a description of the product, a photo, edition number and type (limited edition/open edition), artist information and monogram, as well as a unique serial number referred to an "ART" number. ART numbers will always start with the letters "MV" and be a total of 15 alpha numeric characters in length

Example of an ART Number: MVA1B-2C3D4-E5F6G



CERTIFICATE of Authenticity Example with ART Number 




If you receive a black authenticity card made from paper "Certificato di autenticita" you can also find a copy of your ART number on the back of this card near the bottom. 

Examples of Paper Authenticity Card With ART Number



  • Authentication Seal Pressed into the back of the card.
  • ART Number located at the bottom. 

To authenticate an ART number simply navigate here and enter it into our search box.


  For help with other questions please find additional answers here.