What comes with authentication?

All of our products sold and designed by Mint & Vault come with a white "CERTIFICATE of Authenticity" made from paper with an authenticity seal pressed into it. These certificates identify the product as as our own genuine artwork and include a description of the product, a photo, edition number and type (limited edition/open edition), artist information and monogram, as well as a unique 15 digit alpha numeric serial number referred to an "ART" number.

Products sold above $100. 

Products sold above $100 include a black authenticity card "Certificato di autenticita" (made from either paper or plastic) in addition to the white CERTIFICATE of Authenticity that come with all our products. 

Black Authenticity Cards (paper) will have a copy of your ART number and authentication seal pressed into it.

Black Authenticity Cards (plastic) will have a Certilogo security hologram sticker on the back with a code starting with "CLG" and QR code.

Please make sure you save all authentication cards and certificates as no duplicates of these are ever created or provided. 

Product packaging

Lastly, we also authenticate our products by sealing each one by hand using our own wax seal on the outer packaging. Please make sure this seal is not missing or broken whenever you receive one of our products. Once the seal is broken or missing it can no longer be returned to us, however you can still authenticate your product by following the authentication steps below for each type of code.    


Where do I find the Certilogo code and how do I check it's authentic?

Only select products come with a Certilogo code and typically if you do receive a Certilogo code it will be located on back of the plastic authenticity card titled "Certificato di autenticita", however Certilogo codes may also be found anywhere on the product (including but not limited to the outer packaging, hang tag, inner label, etc) but they must always start with the letters "CLG" and will be followed by a 12 digit code.

Example of a Certilogo Code: CLG 000 000 000 000.

To validate a Certilogo code simply navigate to then click on "Authenticate Your Product" and follow the instructions. 

Alternatively, you can download the Certilogo app for your smartphone for free called "Certilogo Authenticator" for iOS and Android which lets you scan the Certilogo QR code located on the security hologram sticker or by entering the CLG number manually by selecting "Enter CLG Code".


Where do I find the ART number and how do I check it's authentic?

You will always find a copy of your ART number starting with "MV" on the CERTIFICATE of Authenticity. This is the white piece of paper that comes with your product that describes the artwork. If you receive a black authenticity card made from paper "Certificato di autenticita" you can also find a copy of your ART number on the back of this card near the bottom. ART numbers will always start with the letters "MV" and be a total of 15 alpha numeric characters in length.

Example of an ART number: MVA1B-2C3D4-E5F6G

To authenticate an ART number simply navigate here and enter it into our search box.


What are the benefits of each type of authentication? 


We use the Certilgo system because it is a well established authentication system with a high level of counterfeit prevention and security used by many luxury brands in the retail industry. We feel by using this established and trusted system we can provide the consumer with added peace of mind when buying luxury goods directly from us or any authorized retailer. Certilogo also makes it easy for the consumer to buy and resale luxury goods on online marketplaces such as eBay, by allowing the seller to issue a Certilogo Seal of Authentication without having to compromise the CLG code. 

ART Authentication 

We wanted to provide the consumers with a unique way to not only authenticate our products as genuine Mint & Vault but also to be able to identify and authenticate our Artwork at the same time. As a result, we provide certificates for all of our unique product designs (or ART as we call them) entitled the "CERTIFICATE of authenticity" that provide information about the artwork as well as a unique serial number, called an ART number that can be used to authenticate the brand, product and artwork all at once. We take great pride and care of all of our final product designs and all the hard creative, development and research work that goes into each one.  As a result we wanted each experience to be special in not only knowing your buying an authentic product, but also knowing your buying a piece of art. 


I am reselling my product in an online marketplace. What is a Certilogo Seal of Authentication and why do I need one?

The Certilogo Seal of Authentication is a digital image of your product and its CLG Code, created in The Authenticator using specific security protocols for online marketplaces.

Posting a Certilogo Seal with your listing photos makes your product more valuable to potential buyers because they can access The Authenticator and check your CLG Code for themselves—before they decide to buy.

To request a Certilogo Seal, you first need to authenticate your product on the Certilogo website. When you receive your "Authentic" response, swipe left on the menu at the bottom of the screen and press the button that asks if you are planning to sell your product in an online marketplace.