Designed for the active lifestyle in mind. Artistic, bold and innovative new designs are paired with extremely comfortable and form fitting fabrics, materials, and ease of use, to create the perfect blend of art, design, function, comfort and sexiness. With designs ranging from classical to simple-modern to bold and innovative, ornate and colorful styles. The future is now!

The brand will ultimately evolve to include a full line of high-end luxury lifestyle products such as workout apparel, essentials, active-wear, handbags, perfumes, accessories, men's and women's footwear, etc all designed with greater style and comfort in mind for the active lifestyle.   



Mint & Vault stands for something greater than just another luxury brand. It stands for unity, peace, love, advancement and enlightenment and it also serves as a constant reminder of all this like a light, or a beacon or an undying torch. The brand will serve to unify all those who have chosen to actively improve themselves and this world in the process and have chosen to open their hearts and minds to peace, love and order above all else.

The brand will be a symbol and reminder of this promise.  

 "The brand will ultimately serve to unify the common good to achieve a common good: The technological and moral advancement of the human species as one collective family working together efficiently towards a Utopian world"        



The beauty all around us, natural and man-made. I take the whole world around me as inspiration and incorporate elements into my designs and then couple them with raw sensuality and finally refine them to evoke a sense of class, style, grace and sophistication. It was my intention to create works of art, sensual, classy and comfortable. I wanted to design something that could be worn comfortably in the gym but also luxurious and polished enough to be worn anywhere while looking like you spent a million bucks. My goal was not only to create a unique work of art but to also have it be comfortable, functional and still have that lure, style and polish of extraordinary luxury.



 "Mint" - To "Mint" or create something  pristine, beautiful and/or unique (beautiful art, music, technology, ideas, etc.). 

The meaning has deeper connections to the soul, creating a beautiful soul that echoes goodness and righteousness which this brand represents.     


"Vault" - Protection, security, trust.

We protect and maintain: order and peace and all that has been made beautiful by us (including ourselves).    

We are by far our biggest investment so we must always continue to beautiful, restore and protect, ourselves, our friends, our environment and the world around us. We build, rebuild and find more efficient way of doing things, always improving ourselves and the world around us with every new iteration. We become healers, builders, protectors, Terraformers and guardians of all that is good in this world. 

We must realize that we are the ones that create and reshape the world around us so it becomes our soul duty to find better ways to improve things, always striving for efficiency and open to new ideas and concepts. This world was meant to be a Utopia, we owe it not only to ourselves but to our children to help create it and maintain it!         











 2018, Mint & Vault