Get ready to experience the ultimate fusion of luxury fashion and activewear with our brand! We are on a mission to revolutionize the way you think about fashion, and we're doing it by infusing our bold and innovative designs with form-fitting fabrics that cater to your active lifestyle. Our team of designers has poured their hearts and souls into creating artistic, ornate, and colorful styles that are as comfortable as they are sexy. From classical to simple-modern to daringly bold, we've got it all!

But we're not stopping there. Our vision extends beyond just activewear - we're designing a full line of high-end luxury lifestyle products. In the future you can expect workout apparel, essentials, handbags, perfumes, accessories, and even men's and women's footwear that all prioritize style and comfort for your active lifestyle.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of fashion. We're confident that our brand will inspire you to be your best self, every day!



Mint & Vault embodies a powerful purpose beyond luxury fashion. It represents unity, peace, love, progress, and enlightenment, serving as an eternal beacon of hope. This brand unites those who strive to better themselves and the world, embracing peace, love, and harmony as their guiding light. Let Mint & Vault inspire you to join this community and elevate humanity together.

This promise will be embodied and kept alive through our brand, serving as a powerful symbol and constant reminder of our commitment.

 "The brand will ultimately serve to unify the common good to achieve a common good: The technological and moral advancement of the human species as one collective family working together efficiently towards a Utopian world"        



The world is my canvas, and every corner of it is a masterpiece waiting to inspire. Nature's beauty and human ingenuity both fuel my creativity, and I infuse these elements into my designs. With a blend of sensuality and refinement, I seek to evoke a timeless sense of class, grace, and sophistication. My creations are works of art that seamlessly blend comfort and luxury. They are equally at home in the gym or on the runway, exuding an air of opulence that belies their practicality. My mission is to craft unique pieces that not only capture the eye but also feel like a million bucks. I strive to marry the best of both worlds, creating functional designs that exude the allure and polish of extraordinary luxury.



 "Mint" - To "Mint" or create something  pristine, beautiful and/or unique (beautiful art, music, technology, ideas, etc.). 

The meaning has deeper connections to goodness and righteousness, creating beauty, order, simplicity out of chaos to create a better, safer, kinder and more beautiful world. This exemplifies and echoes that which this brand represents.     


"Vault" - Protection, security, trust.

We protect and maintain: order and peace and all that has been made beautiful by us (including ourselves).    

We are the ultimate investment, constantly transforming ourselves and our surroundings with innovative methods, unrelenting determination and unwavering commitment to preserve and enhance the beauty of our world. We are the healers, builders, protectors, and guardians who reshape and terraform our world, safeguarding all that is good and inspiring awe in everyone around us.

We hold the power to shape and transform our world! Let us embrace this duty by seeking out greater efficiency and bold new ideas. Together, we can fulfill the dream of a utopian society for ourselves and generations to come!











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